UPDATE: 1 October 2020

Good Day Members,

I am pleased to announce that as the Government eases some of the restrictions we too,  will follow:

Effective today, we will remove the 10 person restriction in the clubhouse and firing line.  IAW the new Government Policy, we may now have up to 50 people within the clubhouse and firing line areas.  Also, as a result we will also remove the one guest per member limitation. 

Members are reminded that they are completely responsible for the safety and conduct of their guests.  The guest fee will remain as $5 per guest, and members are to place the fees in an envelope with the date and their membership number on it.

Please continue to follow social distancing and wear masks were appropriate.

Currently we are still planning on an outdoor AGM later this month, however please stay tuned for further changes.

We will continue to monitor the state of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, and will continue to update our policies to Government Regulations and Policies.

NMGC Membership Director

UPDATE: 24 July 2020

There has been an announcement from the Provincial Government concerning the use of masks:

As of 31 July, masks are required to be worn in public spaces in Nova Scotia.  This includes “places for sports and recreational activities such as a gym, pool or indoor tennis facility, except while doing an activity where a mask cannot be worn”

As a result we will be requiring all members to wear masks when in the clubhouse.  While outdoors on the shooting line, masks will only be required if you cannot physically distance yourself from other shooters.

“People with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask are exempt.”

UPDATE: 18 June 2020

We have some very good news today.
The Nova Scotia Premier announced today that we are breaking the bubble!

…people may gather in groups of 10 without physical distancing. Those groups do not need to be exclusive, ending the need for household bubbles…

Groups of up to 50 are allowed but physical distancing must be observed. The premier clarified this could be done in or outside as long as people are able to remain six feet apart.

So in accordance with these instructions we are easing some of our restrictions:

Effective today, we are removing restrictions on the numbers of shooters at the club. We can have up to 8 shooters on the line.

We can now have up to 10 people total in the clubhouse and firing line.  Members are reminded of the RSO requirements:

One shooter, you are your own RSO.  If there are two shooters, then you will nominate a RSO who can continue to shoot.  If there are more than 3 shooters, then the RSO must not shoot and only act as RSO.  Only Club Members may act as RSO.  It doesn’t matter what their qualifications are, guests may not act as an RSO.  

We are also allowing members to bring a guest with them.  Guests will be limited to 1 per member at a time.  Guests must be signed in, and the guest fee is $5.  Please use the envelopes, place your membership number, the date and put the fee in the envelope.  This is to be placed in the locked ammo box mounted on the wall at the desk.

All members are reminded to pack out your garbage.  No garbage should be left at the club, brass can be left in the brass bucket, mis-fires can be left in the misfire can.

Members should be aware that should a second wave of COVID occur, restrictions could be reinstated.

UPDATE: 13 June 2020

Some Restrictions have been lifted, however we are still under some health measures. All regular Club Rules and Regulations are in effect, with a few additional limitations:

1. No Guests allowed.

2. Maximum 3 shooters allowed on the firing line at a time.

3. Maximum 10 members allowed in the clubhouse/firing line at a time (subject to Social Distancing)

4. Social Distancing of 2 meters is in effect.

5. Saturdays the club is closed to shooting between 1030am and noon for Orientations/Safety Training.

6. Pack in/Pack out all garbage.

UPDATE: 1 June 2020

The Nova Scotia Government has somewhat relaxed COVID19 policy, we can now have groups of 10 provided social distancing of 2m is observed.  What does this mean for the club?  It means we can move towards something a little more less restrictive.

1.  We will be moving back to the old sign-in book starting Tuesday June 2nd.

2.  We can have up to 10 members present in the clubhouse and shooting line, however you must respect the 2m social distancing requirement.  All club members are reminded that when we have more than 3 shooters on the line, there must be a stand-alone RSO who cannot shoot.  Please show some courtesy for any members who may be waiting to shoot.

3.  Pack out your garbage.  Clean up your brass, even if it is forward of the concrete.  Do not sweep your brass off the concrete.  Return shooting materials (sandbags, etc) to the shelf.

4.  PPE (masks, gloves, etc) use is encouraged.  However, PPE will not be provided.  We have limited resources in terms of cleaning materials at the club, no running water.  If you feel you are at risk, please consider not coming up to the club to shoot.

5.  If you are feeling sick, don’t come up to the club.

6.  We will continue the “no guest” policy.  

7.  The club is closed to social events.

8.  New Member Orientations will take place on Saturdays, 1030-noon.  During this time the club will be closed to regular shooting.

9.  All members are reminded that everybody at the club is responsible for observing the 2m social distancing requirement.

10.  This could change again, if the NS Gov changes their posture.